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Steve Morris, president of the Central Florida Area Local, displays his first retirement incentive check. With Morris, a 31-year maintenance craft worker, is APWU member Connie Ward.

"We just have to keep our retirees involved in the union in any shape or form that we can,” said Morris, “to help save post offices and protect retirees’ benefits."

First Installment of
Retirement Incentive Due May 24

(05/16/13) APWU President Cliff Guffey is congratulating APWU retirees and other former employees who will soon receive the first installment of the $15,000 incentive the APWU negotiated last year. The first payment of $10,000 (minus applicable taxes and withholdings) will be available on May 24, 2013. The second installment of $5,000 will be paid on May 23, 2014. “We hope our newest retirees are enjoying their new lives,” Guffey said. “We’re sure they will enjoy the incentive. [read more]

Recently retired APWU members attend a meeting of the union’s Greater Las Vegas Area Retiree Chapter.

Recently retired APWU members attend a meeting of the union’s Greater Las Vegas Area Retiree Chapter.

New Retirees Participate in
Union’s First-Ever Telephone Town Hall
(03/26/13) More than 950 new members of the APWU Retirees Department participated in the union’s first-ever Telephone Town Hall conference call on March 21, where participants learned the in-and-outs of retirement and the benefits of remaining active in the APWU. Retirees Department Director Judy Beard highlighted the benefits of membership, including the programs offered by Union Plus, the Voluntary Benefits Plan, and the Accident Benefits Association, as well as resources provided by the APWU Retirees Department. [read more]

Retiring APWU Members:
Thank You! Farewell!
(01/31/13) As approximately 20,000 APWU members say bittersweet goodbyes to their co-workers and hit the clock for the last time today, we say, “Thank you! Farewell!” There are many battles left to fight — to protect the institution we have dedicated so much of our lives to; to secure our health insurance and retirement benefits, and to strengthen our nation’s middle class. So join the APWU Retirees Department today! [read more]

Incentive Recipients:
What’s the Last Day?
(01/23/13) The APWU has received reports that some retiring union members are receiving confusing and sometimes inaccurate information regarding their last day of work. If they are scheduled to work on Thursday, Jan. 31, (Day 6 of the Pay Period) retiring employees should report for duty. [read more]

APWU Reaches Out to Retiring Members
(01/17/13) As approximately 20,000 union members prepare to retire at the end of January and February, the APWU is wishing them well and encouraging them to stay connected to the union and their co-workers by joining the Retirees Department. “The APWU is committed to continuing the fight to protect the rights and benefits of retirees,” President Cliff Guffey said. [read more]

USPS Retirement Incentive Information
Newsbreak, 10/01/12:
 USPS Offers Retirement Opportunity   To APWU Employees [PDF]
 APWU Incentive at a Glance [PDF]
  Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]

25,500 Opt For Incentive Offer
(01/01/13) The Postal Service reported in December that approximately 25,500 APWU-represented employees have accepted the retire­mentincentive offer. The majority are eligible for optional (regular) retirement, with roughly 19 percent eligible for voluntary early retirement (VER), and less than 1 percent voluntarily resigning. Because employees who are taking regular retirement or are resigning may revoke their decision up to the effective date of their retirement or resignation, the final tally is subject to change. [read more]

Incentive Revocation Date Extended
For California Motor Vehicle Employees

(11/30/12) California Postal Vehicle Service employees who have been identified as impacted by the USPS decision to subcontract PVS operations in the state and who have indicated their intent to accept the USPS Voluntary Early Retirement offer now have until Jan. 31, 2013, to revoke their decision. The extension of the deadline is the result of an agreement between the APWU and management dated Nov. 30, 2012. [read more]

FERS Retirees May Be Eligible
For Annuity Supplement

(11/28/12) Employees covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) who are contemplating retirement should consider that they may be eligible for a FERS Annuity Supplement. With deadlines approaching for APWU-represented employees to qualify for a $15,000 retirement incentive, annuity supplements could influence the choices union members make. [read more]

APWU Retirees Department
For information and assistance concerning retirement, members should contact the APWU Retirees Department.   You can email questions to the APWU Retiree Q & A Center at RetireeQandA@apwu.org.

Retirement Counseling - 2009 Pre-arbitration Settlement [PDF]

Key to Commonly Used Federal Acronyms Concerning Voluntary Early Retirement, Incentives [PDF]

Retirement Counseling
(11/20/12) Employees contemplating retirement are eligible for retirement counseling and should take advantage of the opportunity, Executive Vice President Greg Bell is reminding union members. “The decision to retire is among the most important you will ever make. I encourage you to consider the decision carefully and urge you to participate in USPS-sponsored counseling so you can make an informed decision.” [read more]

Retirement, Early-Outs and the Incentive
(11/01/12) Many APWU members are contemplating a momentous decision: whether to end their careers to qualify for a $15,000 incentive. Under the terms of a Sept. 28 agreement negotiated by the APWU, eligible employees who opt for regular retirement, voluntary early retirement (VER) or resignation will receive payment in two installments. The first installment of $10,000 will be paid on May 24, 2013; the second installment of $5,000 will be paid on May 23, 2014.

A secure retirement is one of our greatest benefits, and the decision to retire is among the most important you will ever make. I urge you to consider it carefully, and to participate in USPS counseling sessions so you can make an informed decision. [read more]

USPS presentation on FERS Annuity Supplements [PDF]

Incentive Offer Mailing Error
(10/26/12) The APWU has been informed by the Postal Service that a problem occurred in the mailing of retirement incentive offer letters to full-time employees who are eligible to take optional retirement, Executive Vice President Greg Bell has reported.  Due to a technical problem at the printing center, some individuals may have received an annuity estimate intended for another individual.   The USPS believes the problem occurred in a limited area in California. 
[read more]

Employees Should Receive
Incentive Offers by Oct. 22

(10/18/12)The APWU has been informed by the Postal Service that letters offering incentives to APWU-represented employees who are eligible for voluntary early retirement (VER) were mailed on Oct. 10, 2012, and to employees eligible for regular retirement shortly after.  Eligible employees should receive their incentive offer information no later than Monday, Oct. 22, 2012, Executive Vice President Greg Bell said.
[read more]

Incentive Letters
To be Sent Beginning Oct. 10

(10/10/12)The USPS is scheduled to send letters offering incentives to APWU-represented employees who are eligible for regular retirement or voluntary early retirement (VER) during the week of Oct. 10. The letter and additional information will be mailed to employees at their home address of record. Employees who do not qualify for regular or early retirement may resign in order to receive the incentive, provided they mail a signed original PS Form 2574, Resignation from the Postal Service, effective Jan. 31, 2013, to the Human Resources Shared Service Center,  P.O. Box 970520, Greensboro, NC 27497-0520. [read more]

APWU, USPS Negotiate Retirement Incentive
Employees to Receive $15,000 in Two Installments
(10/01/12) The APWU has negotiated a retirement incentive agreement that awards eligible full-time career employees a $15,000 payment in two installments, President Cliff Guffey has announced. The first installment will be $10,000; the second will be $5,000. “Our goal was to achieve an incentive for members who are ready to end their postal careers; to ensure that no groups of employees are excluded, and to lessen the hardships of excessing for those who remain,” Guffey said. “This agreement accomplishes those objectives.” [read more]

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