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Retirement, Separation Incentives:
Unanswered Questions, Excluded Employees

Burrus Update 13-2009, Sept. 2, 2009

I have been informed that employees who have contacted Shared Services for information about the incentives beings offered to employees who retire or separate have received information that conflicts with the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the APWU and the USPS on Aug. 24.

In addition, there are several subjects that were not specifically addressed in the agreement.

To resolve these issues, I requested that John Dirzius, president of the APWU National Presidents Conference, compile a list of questions for attention at the national level. The list has been forwarded to postal management, and a meeting has been scheduled to address the outstanding issues. Upon finalization, our agreement will be circulated.

I am also aware of the discontent among ETs and MPEs who have been excluded from the Memo. Letter Carriers and Rural Carriers were likewise excluded on the basis that it would be necessary to replace them in order to maintain the service.

Rest assured that every effort was made to include these categories; however, the only progress that could be made was the agreement to designate these employees as eligible if the vacancy created could be filled without additional training.

This is the first time in a series of early-retirement offerings that any accommodation has been made for ETs, MPEs, or other excluded groups. I did not believe it was appropriate to hold the entire agreement hostage for a demand that could not be achieved.

Interested members should refer to the national arbitration (CASE # HQT-3T-C 14424) [PDF] conducted in 1992 when the union challenged the management’s authority to exclude categories from retirement incentives.

The agreement will result in the payment of $450 million to eligible employees.

William Burrus

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