Every Vote Counts: Our Union, Our Contract, Our Future!


Are you a proud APWU member excited to vote on our new 2021-2024 Tentative Agreement? 

We need your help to encourage other members to “Get Out The Vote” in big numbers and send a strong message to management that our union stands united behind this exciting new contract!


Submit a Photo & Quote in Support of the Tentative Agreement

1. Take a high quality image!

  • Have a friend or co-worker use your phone’s front-facing camera to take a picture of you. Your phone’s front-facing camera is higher quality than the selfie camera.  
  • Make sure you are well lit, and that the picture isn’t blurry.  
  • Take multiple photos if necessary. 
  • Include a sign that says “APWU Votes!” or printable flyer below!


2. Write a Quote 

  • Write 1-3 sentences about why you support the contract, and plan to vote. 
  • Be specific, and don’t be afraid to talk about how the contract will impact you and your role specifically. 
  • Example: “As a Postal Clerk of 15 years and proud APWU member, I am thrilled to see the protections against inflation and strong wages increases in this contract. I will be voting YES!”

3. Submit your photo & quote!

  • Email your photo & quote to: communications@apwu.org
  • When you send your photo, be sure to send it full size, do not make it smaller.  
  • APWU communications will share your submissions on social media and other platforms with the hashtag #APWUnited. Feel free to share on your own account as well!  



Download a flyer to fill out your reasons for voting or a resource to spread the word!