Fourth COLA announced

Pay will increase by $0.48 an hour for career workers

August 10, 2023

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In accordance with the 2021-2024 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), career employees represented by the APWU will receive a $0.48 per hour cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), effective Aug. 26, 2023 (separate CBAs covering IT/AS and HRSSC provide COLAs but on a different cycle).

The COLA boosts pay by $998 annually for full-time, career workers. It will appear in paychecks dated Sept. 15, 2023 (Pay Period 19-2023).

The increase is the result of a rise in the July Consumer Price Index (CPI-W).

Because Postal Support Employees (PSEs) do not receive cost-of-living increases, they have received several additional increases beyond the annual general wage increases that all employees receive under the 2021 contract. However, when PSEs convert to career, the COLA increases are also included in their wages going forward.

Total cumulative COLAs under 2021 Contract equals $2.39 per hour, or $4,971 annually

The COLAs are separate from and additional to annual general wage increases and step increases. This is the fourth cost-of-living increase under the 2021 CBA.

The first COLA, effective in February 2022, amounted to $0.63 per hour or $1,310.00 annually. The second, effective in August 2022 was $1.18 per hour or $2,455.00 annually. The third, effective March 11, 2023, was $0.10 per hour, or $208.00 annually. The total cumulative amount received so far in COLAs during the 2021-2024 CBA is $2.39 per hour, or $4,971 annually.

“After two years of high inflation, our union-won COLA is more valuable to postal workers and our families than ever,” said APWU President, Mark Dimondstein. “Postal Workers are some of the few U.S. workers who receive these increases and no one should take these benefits for granted. Even in the postal world, the APWU is the only postal union that has maintained full COLA in our contracts.”

Now is the Time to Continue to Build our Union!

Having a full COLA is a big deal that benefits us all, and maintaining it is no small feat. Our COLA comes from our union negotiated contract, but the contract is only as strong as our membership. Next year (2024) the APWU will be in negotiations for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

We All Have a Role to Play!

Building union power makes us all stronger. Every new member of the APWU is a new postal worker’s voice speaking up for good jobs at the USPS, whether it be a voice for better pay, better benefits, better service or demanding a better work environment with respect. Our Strength is in our numbers!

By stepping up and committing to organizing for a strong APWU you are helping build a better tomorrow for us all.

What Can You Do to Build Our Union?

  • You can talk to your non-union coworkers about why they should join the union – and sign them up!
  • You can attend a union meeting and other union activities -- and encourage your co-workers to join with you.  
  • Join a union committee within your local/state organization, or consider becoming a shop steward.

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