Hatch Act Warning

Information on this page involves partisan election-related activity and it should not be downloaded, posted or sent to others using U.S. Postal Service equipment, nor should it be read, downloaded, posted or sent to others while on the clock or while on USPS property. In accordance with the Hatch Act, postal and federal employees are restricted from engaging in partisan political activity while on the clock or on postal or federal property.

The APWU is challenging the restrictions on postal workers’ use of social media for political activity, but employees should adhere to these guidelines in the meantime.


In 2024, voters will decide which party will control the presidency, House of Representatives, and Senate in the 119th Congress. Additionally, there are numerous state and local candidates and referenda on the ballot this year. Issues like our public Postal Service, workers’ rights, infrastructure, climate, and voting rights are on the line. That’s why it’s important that we know which seats are on the line and make sure we elect leaders who will fight for us and our issues. Stay tuned as we update this page with important election information.

The Importance of Voting and Checking Your Voter Registration

Upcoming Elections

  • There are 435 U.S. House seats, 34 U.S. Senate seats, and 11 gubernatorial seats, in addition to the presidential race, on the ballot this November.
  • Click here to find out key information about the 2024 congressional elections, including the state of the various races and a list of who is running.
                      For a complete list of presidential and congressional primary election dates, click here.

Vote By Mail 101

We know that voting by mail will always be a key part of making sure working people’s voices are heard. APWU is proud to defend the integrity of Vote-by-Mail and continue the Postal Service’s more than 150-year tradition of enabling the American people to safely and securely vote by mail. To learn more about the benefits of vote-by-mail and how your state conducts vote-by-mail, please visit the National Vote at Home Institute website.

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