Did the Postal Service violate any provisions of the 1981-1984 National Agreement by assigning to Maintenance Mechanic PS-6s at the Greensboro, North Carolina, Bulk Mail Center certain preventive maintenance work alleged by the Union to be normally performed exclusively by Maintenance Mechanic PS-7s, and by failing to compensate PS-6s for the time spent on such work at the PS-7 level.

Award Summary:
The distinctions between the duties of Maintenance Mechanic PS-6s and PS-7s at the Greensboro BMC are too vague and problematical to permit a finding in this case that the duties performed by the two PS-6 mechanics were to be performed only by PS-7 mechanics. The grievance is accordingly denied.

Document Type:  National Arbitration

APWU National Grievance Number:  H1T3PC1220, H1T3PC1963

Craft:  Maintenance

Arbitrator Name: Benjamin Aaron

Tags: Employee Classification , Employment and Work Assignments , Higher Level Assignments , Higher Level Pay , Maintenance Craft , Preventive Maintenance , minimum skill level , position description

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