The issue in this National Level Arbitration were two Step 4 grievances filed by the APWU in August 2011. Both arose in connection with the Postal Service's implementation of the "NonTraditional Full-Time (NTFT) Duty Assignments" Memorandum of Understanding (NTFT MOU) negotiated as part of the 2010-2015 National Agreement.

1.) Q11C-4Q-C 11322481: When the Postal Service did not have duty assignments available for the placement of those part-time employees slated to be converted to full-time status by the agreed-upon date for that conversion, did the Postal Service violate the 2010 National Agreement when these employees were converted to full-time status on the target date and were placed as unassigned employees into NTFT schedules, rather than "traditional" schedules, until such time as these employees did secure bid positions?

2.) Q11C-4Q-C 11322494: Did the Postal Service violate the National Agreement by not allowing excessed employees to retreat into non-traditional full-time duty assignments in accordance with the NTFT Duty Assignment MOU?

Award Summary: Arbitrator Das denied the grievance in Case No. Q11C-4Q-C 11322481; but sustained the Union's grievance in Case No. Q11C-4Q-C 11322494.

Document Type:  National Arbitration

APWU National Grievance Number:  Q11C4QC11322481, Q11C4QC11322494

Arbitrator Name: Shyam Das

Tags: Employee Classification , Hours of Work , Work and or Time Standards , Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) Duty Assignment MOU , NTFT MOU

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