Step 4 Agreement: PSE District Caps in the MVS Craft 6-9-2023

Step 4 Agreement: PSE District Caps in the MVS Craft 6-9-2023


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Recently our representatives met to discuss the above captioned grievances at step 4 of the grievance-arbitration procedure. Time limits were extended by mutual agreement.

The issue presented in these disputes concerns compliance with the Postal Support Employee (PSE) district caps in the Motor Vehicle Craft. The parties agree to resolve these disputes based on the following understanding:

The Postal service exceeded the PSE cap of 1% the Motor Vehicle craft in fiscal year (FY) l2 Pay Period (PP)16 and FY13 PPO1. Based on the Postal Service's PSE District Compliance Reports the PSE district cap was exceeded by 43 PSEs in FY12 PPl6 and 132 PSEs in FY13 PP01.

The parties agree to change the conversion to career status date of 43 former PSEs to Fy12 pp16 and 132 former PSEs to Fy13 pp01 . The individuals identified for the conversion date change will be provided by the APWU. The change in-conversion date will result in adjustments to the employee's PS Form 50 history. The effected employees will be made whole.

The Postal Service has provided a list of former Motor Vehicle Service (MVS) PSEs, including their standing-on-the-rolls during the identified pay periods to the APWU.

Any issues related to the application of this remedy will be handled by the parties at the National level.


Shannon R. Richardson                     Michael O. Foster
Director, Contract Administration        Director, MVS Division
USPS                                                  APWU

Document Type:  Step 4 Agreement

Craft:  Motor Vehicle Service


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