This Step 4 Settlement Agreement involves placing probationary employees in vacancies. In resolving the grievance, the parties agreed that it was inconsistent with Article 12 to place probationary employees on preferred assignment registers as stated in the decision rendered on grievance no. H1T-3A-C 23855, dated November 9, 1983. It was also agreed that probationary employees could be placed into residual vacancies per ELM 377.1.c.

Document Type:  Step 4 Agreement

APWU National Grievance Number:  H1T5BC24233

Craft:  Maintenance

Tags: Maintenance Craft , Probationary Period , Handbooks and Manuals , placing probationary employees in vacancies , PAR , preferred assignment , PAR , Residual Vacancies , ELM 377.1.C , Employee and Labor Relations Manual , H1T3AC23855

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