Management will make every effort to insure that qualified and available part-time flexible employees are utilized at the straight time rate prior to assigning such work to casuals.  This priority includes cross-craft assignments if (1) the part-time flexible is available and qualified; (2) if overtime will not be required and; (3) if the part-time flexible is not otherwise scheduled for 40 hours during the service week.  In this instance, the part-time flexibles were called but were unavailable.  The Union contends that management must determine if work is available and call part-time flexible carriers by 9:30 a.m.  The work in question was in the clerk craft and such needs cannot always be ascertained by a predetermined face on the clock.  No violation of the National Agreement has been shown and, therefore the grievance is denied.  

Document Type:  USPS Position Letter

APWU National Grievance Number:  NCE7069

Tags: Employee Classification , Temporary Employees , Cross Craft Assignments , Casuals , Casuals In Lieu Of , part-time flexible , PTF

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