During our discussion, we concluded that the issue in this grievance was whether management may work part-time flexibles six (6) days a week instead of five (5) days a week when casuals are being used.  After reviewing the information provided, it is our position that management is not precluded from working part-time flexibles more than 5 days a week when casuals are employed.  Management may consider the workload and composition of  the workload during the entire service week when assigning part-time flexibles and casuals.  Article VII of the National Agreement does however, impose on management the obligation to give priority in scheduling to the part-time flexible.  Based on the evidence presented in this grievance management properly scheduled the part- time flexible.  Accordingly, this grievance is denied. 

Document Type:  USPS Position Letter

APWU National Grievance Number:  A8C0721, C8C4VC16267

Craft:  Clerk

Tags: Employee Classification , Temporary Employees , Cross Craft Assignments , Casuals , Casuals In Lieu Of , part-time flexible , PTF

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