The issue in this grievance is whether or not management in the instant grievance made every effort to ensure that qualified and available part-time flexible employees were utilized at the straight time rate prior to assigning such work to casuals, as required by Article VII, Section 1B.  Evidence in this case file indicates that management is making every reasonable effort to work part-time flexibles in lieu of casuals.  There are several factors to be considered when assigning part-time flexibles or casuals.  Among them are:.

1. Whether the need for additional manpower occurs when the available part-time flexibles are performing their normal duties.

2. Whether the movement of available part-time flexibles requires extensive travel from one work location to another.  It may be unreasonable to transfer a part-time flexible from distant station to the main office for one or two hours work when traveling would have consumed most of that time. 

Document Type:  USPS Position Letter

APWU National Grievance Number:  A8W0903, W8C5KC10906

Craft:  Clerk

Tags: Employee Classification , Temporary Employees , Casuals , Casuals In Lieu Of , Casuals To The Detriment , Travel Time , part-time flexible , PTF

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