This USPS Step 4 Decision outlines Management's position on the operation of power driven waxers, buffers and other heavy duty industrial equipment. As a result of a Postal Service review, they determined that the operation of a power-driven waxer and other heavy duty industrial equipment as outlined in the job description of a Custodial Laborer, level PS-3, is not encompassed or intended to apply within the job description of a level PS-2 Custodian; therefore, to this extent, the grievance was sustained. The postmaster was instructed to take the necessary measures to assure that the three employees party to this grievance were compensated at the higher level rate of pay for the work performed using the power-driven waxer during the period June 1, 1976 - June 4, 1976.

Document Type:  USPS Position Letter

APWU National Grievance Number:  ACS8796, A5SA6425

Craft:  Maintenance

Tags: Employment and Work Assignments , Employee Classification , Higher Level Pay , Higher Level Assignments , power-driven waxer , power-driven industrial equipment , heavy duty

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