John Edwards Walks APWU Picket Line

John Edwards, the Democrats' vice presidential candidate last year, gave a boost to striking APWU truck drivers in Des Moines when he walked the picket line with them April 1. 

Mail Contractor Threatens to Fire Striking Truck Drivers, APWU Charges

Mail Contractors of America, a private mail hauler, began a campaign of intimidation against striking APWU members in Jacksonville, FL, March 26, according to the local president representing the truck drivers.

Jacksonville Truck Drivers Join Strike Against Private Mail Haulers

APWU truck drivers who work for a private mail hauler in Jacksonville, FL, have joined a strike that began Tuesday in Des Moines and Kansas City, KS. Seventy-nine members of the union’s First Coast Local began striking at 7 a.m., March 24, with a...

APWU Private Mail Haulers Strike In Des Moines and Kansas City

More than 100 APWU members in Des Moines, IA, and Kansas City, KS, who are truck drivers for the private-mail hauler Mail Contractors of America, went on strike March 22, demanding the company negotiate a fair contract.

Pat Salmon & Sons Cuts Off APWU Members' Healthcare Benefits

Hundreds of private-sector mail-haul drivers and their families had their eligibility for health insurance cut off earlier this week by Pat Salmon & Sons as a collective bargaining agreement lapsed.