APWU Reaches Out To Retiring Members

January 17, 2013

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As approximately 20,000 union members prepare to retire at the end of January and February, the APWU is wishing them well and encouraging them to stay connected to the union and their co-workers by joining the Retirees Department.

“The APWU is committed to continuing the fight to protect the rights and benefits of retirees,” President Cliff Guffey said. “There are many members of Congress who would like to trample on our members’ retirement benefits and health insurance coverage. To continue the fight to protect these benefits, we need the support of retiring union members”

Dues for retirees are just $3 per month, and are deducted directly from annuity payments.

Membership in the department brings many other benefits, said Judy Beard, Retirees Department director. They include the opportunity to continue health coverage with the APWU Health Plan, access to a variety of discount programs, a $5,000 accidental death and dismemberment policy, and the opportunity to stay informed about our struggles through The American Postal Worker magazine.

The national union is asking locals, state organizations and retiree chapters to sign-up retiring APWU members as they participate in retirement parties and other events commemorating the departure of so many long-time postal employees.

A January mailing to local and state presidents and retiree chapter presidents includes the following:

Letter to Local, State and Retiree Chapter Presidents

Retiree Department Enrollment Form (Side 1)

COPA Contribution Form (Side 2)

Retirement Commendation for Locals, States and Retiree Chapters to Distribute

Order Form for Gifts for Retiring Members
For Locals, States and Retiree Chapters to Purchase and Distribute

Talking Points for Local, State and Retiree Chapter Leaders

Incentive Program for Signing Up Incentive Recipients

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