The Battle in Wisconsin: 'Are We Next?'

An Urgent Video Message from APWU President Cliff Guffey

February 25, 2011

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“I want to make sure that every APWU member understands the importance of what is happening in Wisconsin,” says union President Cliff Guffey in a video message. The nurses, teachers, firefighters and police of Wisconsin are fighting for the fundamental right to have a voice at work…“for the American values of freedom, fairness, and the right to speak, organize, and negotiate for a better life.”

Guffey: Wisconsin battle is over the “fundamental right" of workers to have a voice at work.

“If Gov. Walker succeeds in taking away the rights of middle-class working people, other states will follow his lead — and attacks on ourright to negotiate will not be far behind,” Guffey says.

He asks: “If we fail in Wisconsin, who’s next? Are we next?”

APWU members across the country are showing solidarity with embattled public workers in Wisconsin, attending rallies and declaring, “Stop the War on Workers.” Members are encouraged to attend events in their area.

Please send high-resolution photos or video clips from local demonstrations to Sally Davidow, APWU Communications Department Senior Manager, at

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