Florida Mail-Haul Workers Join APWU

December 19, 2005

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Workers at Finkle Transportation’s Florida outlets voted 32-1 to join the APWU in a vote that was tallied Dec. 16 by the National Labor Relations Board. The private mail-hauling firm, which is based in New Jersey, employs 51 drivers and mechanics at four Florida locations — Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Orlando.

The overwhelming vote in favor of unionization was the result of a strong organizing committee, said Tony Olson, a field organizer for the APWU. Fourteen workers, including some from each city, were active in the organizing committee. “Given the size of the workforce, that is a very impressive number,” Olson said.

“These drivers wanted a union. They want seniority; they want due process, and they want improved wages.” Treatment of drivers was also an issue of concern.

A group of drivers approached the APWU about forming a union in late August and immediately set about organizing their co-workers. The company responded by posting anti-union flyers.

“But the workers were determined,” Olson said. “They were strong and dedicated to do the work.”

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