Interest Arbitrators Hear from Motor Vehicle Service (MVS) and Maintenance Workers

September 25, 2019

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On September 25, the Arbitration Board continued to hear testimony from the most important of the union’s expert witnesses – APWU members.

APWU members in the MVS craft testified on the Driver (MVO/TTO) and Vehicle Maintenance Facility panels. The Building Maintenance and Custodial panel also testified today.

The members spoke about what their daily tasks are, training and staffing needs, safety and other workplace concerns they have, amount of expertise needed to do their job effectively, and dedication to the postal customers and the postal mission. They were lived tweeted on Twitter daily and pictures can be found on Flickr.

Tomorrow’s USPS management will be presenting arguments , with witnesses testifying on their behalf.

Check back later this week for a larger article highlighting all the panelists' testimony.

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