Protecting LiteBlue from Cyber Criminals: Multifactor Authentication Required After January 15

January 20, 2023

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APWU national officers are continuing to advocate for members who have had had their wages stolen in the recent online fraud attack on USPS systems. Below is an update on management’s introduction of multifactor authentication (MFA) for LiteBlue log ins.

MFA is a tool that banks and other institutions use when dealing with sensitive personal information to prevent cyber-attacks. It is an identity verification method where users have to use two or more methods to gain access to an online account. Entering a password and then a text message confirmation code is an example of MFA.

Management has provided an update about the implementation of MFA to log into LiteBlue after cyber criminals gained access to sensitive employee data using fake websites that closely resembled LiteBlue. The fraudsters used this information to make changes to net-to-bank and allotment accounts to divert and steal direct deposit funds.

A Stand-Up Talk issued on January 17 announced that the Postal Service began requiring MFA in order to access LiteBlue on Jan. 15, 2023 as an additional layer of protection to strengthen online security measures for postal workers personal data.

When employees log into LiteBlue, they will be required to set up their MFA preferences. Once an employee’s MFA setup is enabled, these ID confirmation factors will be required each time they log in.


After Jan. 15, 2023, when you log in to LiteBlue:

  • Reset your Self-Service Profile (SSP) Password.
  • Verify the last four digits of you Social Security Number (SSN.
  • Set up your multifactor authentication preferences.
  • After set up, you will be required to confirm your credentials each time you log in.

For more information or to view support materials, go to the LiteBlue login page and select “Multifactor Authentication.”

Resource materials, including an Instructions to Enroll and Sign in to LiteBlue with Multifactor Authentications (MFA) user guide, are also available below.


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