Post Offices Subject To the Maintenance Craft Jobs MOU

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The Postal Service has submitted to the APWU a list of 89 post offices that will fall under Section 1.a of the Maintenance Craft Jobs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

We immediately requested the Postal Service provide further information, including:

  • When the offices would be staffed with bargaining unit custodians. 
  • The criteria the Postal Service is using for selecting these particular offices. 
  • The custodial packages for the offices.

Once we receive the information, the Maintenance Craft officers will determine if the 89 offices meet the criteria outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement and if they should be counted as part of the 1,500 post offices the Postal Service committed to in the Jobs MOU.

Section 1.a of the MOU says, “Custodial duties currently performed by contractors in 1,500 designated Post Offices will be assigned to Maintenance Craft Postal Support Employees (PSEs). The 1,500 duty assignments will be added to the Maintenance Craft as each current vendor contract expires, but no later than two (2) years from signing this MOU and provided the work can be performed by maintenance craft employees at a cost equal to the cost of the contract service. The insourcing of the 1,500 subcontracting jobs to Maintenance Craft duty assignments will be included in the 10% PSE cap. Newly established duty assignments may be combined which would require unpaid travel time up to thirty (30) minutes.”

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