USPS Provided Incorrect Notification On FMLA Status to Employees

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The Postal Service recently informed the APWU that it provided incorrect notification to 696 employees on a Designation Notice for FMLA Leave (Form WH-382) that was sent to them in late March.  The line on the bottom of the form that was erroneously checked stated that “The FMLA does not apply to your leave request.”  However, the line that should have been checked contains the response that “You have exhausted your FMLA leave entitlement in the applicable 12 month period.”  Management will be reprinting corrected documents and mailing them with another notice to impacted employees, along with the approximate date it calculates that each employee exhausted his/her FMLA leave entitlement.  See the attachment for the Postal Service’s notice to APWU and a draft copy of the new notification that will be sent to employees.

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