American Postal Workers Union Executive Board Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

American Postal Workers Union Executive Board Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Contact: Jamie Horwitz,, 202-549-4921

The 200,000-member APWU has members in every state

WASHINGTON -- The American Postal Workers Union announced today that its National Executive Board has voted to endorse Bernie Sanders for president.  “We’re pleased that a number of presidential candidates have taken positions and actions supportive of postal workers and expanding union rights. But when we judge candidates by their long-term and consistent actions, Bernie Sanders stands out as a true champion of postal workers and all workers throughout the country,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein.

In their deliberations, APWU’s board members cited Sanders’ record on postal issues including his speaking out against USPS policies that have degraded mail service; his fierce opposition to proposals that would sell off all or part of USPS to private interests; his efforts to keep post offices and mail facilities open; and his support for enhanced customer services such as postal banking. “As the lone senator blocking postal privatizers from appointment to the Postal Board of Governors it was clear that Bernie Sanders is on the side of postal workers.” said Dimondstein.“

More Than Postal Issues

APWU’s leaders also cited Sanders’ sustained commitment to improving the lives of all working people. In their discussions, APWU National Executive Board members mentioned the Vermont senator’s long record of walking picket lines, fighting for living wages and universal health care, as well as his advocacy for improved veterans’ benefits and the expansion of Social Security.

“Senator Sanders was a champion of workers’ rights long before he became a candidate for president,” said APWU Secretary-Treasurer Liz Powell. “Like the APWU, he is a firm believer in social and economic justice for all. It’s no wonder that he is ranked as the most popular member of the U.S.  Senate.”

APWU’s National Executive Board also endorsed Sanders in his 2016 presidential campaign.

Sanders Explained to APWU Members His Views on USPS

Addressing a group of hundreds of  APWU members prior to the board’s 2016 endorsement, Sanders summed up his position about the Postal Service this way:  “The beauty of the Postal Service is that it provides universal service six days a week to every corner of America, no matter how small or how remote. It provides decent paying union jobs to some 500,000 Americans and is the largest employer of veterans…. Yet, the Postal Service is under constant and vicious attack. The same billionaires who want to privatize Social Security, Medicare and public education also want to privatize the Postal Service… The wealthy and the powerful see an opportunity for Wall Street and corporate America to make billions in profits out of these services and couldn’t care less how privatization or degradation of services affects ordinary Americans.”

Getting Out the Vote

“The APWU’s  National Executive Board fully recognizes and respects that our members come from all walks of life, hold many differing political beliefs and vote according to their own consciences. However, for our national board to remain silent at a time when the current administration advocates selling the entire public Postal Service to private corporate interests would be a failure of leadership,” said Dimondstein.  “As with 2016, once again the Sanders campaign is boldly uplifting the goals and aspirations of workers. Simply put, we believe it is in the best interest of all postal workers, our job security and our union to support and elect Bernie Sanders for president.”

Despite public support for the Postal Service, which has only grown stronger due to USPS’ key role in ecommerce, the White House and the Office of Management and Budget, first through its June 2018 report “Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century,” and later through the President’s “Task Force on the United States Postal System,” has released a series of proposals that would end the universal service requirement and also make significant changes in the pricing structure of mail products. The OMB report goes so far as calling for the sale of this public institution to private corporations.

With this endorsement, APWU’s leaders are encouraging their members and their families, who live and work in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and all U.S. territories to support and elect Bernie Sanders president. The union also will engage in voter registration efforts and where there is the opportunity for "no fault" absentee balloting, APWU will encourage members, their families and friends to sign up and avail themselves of this "vote by mail" option.