Stewards' Corner

The documents and links on this page are intended to assist APWU representatives in the performance of their official duties.

Arbitration - Instructions for Witnesses

Arbitration hearings are held when the union claims that the Postal Service has violated a provision of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) or that it has improperly disciplined or discharged an employee, and has filed a grievance. The grievance has not been answered to the union's satisfaction, and the union has requested arbitration under the terms of the CBA. The Postal Service denies that it has violated the contract or says it has just cause for the discipline or discharge. Both parties will try to prove their case to the arbitrator.

Click here for instructions for arbitration witnesses.

National Officer Article Assignments

A list of the APWU national officers assigned to specific articles of the contract and handbooks/manuals.

Article Officers Assignments

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Forms

Information about the Family and Medical Leave Act, including USPS-approved forms for documenting and certifying requests for Family and Medical Leave.

Get FMLA information here.

Grievance forms

Standard APWU grievance forms in PDF format. These forms have been designed so that you can type information directly into the appropriate data fields and then print the forms on your computer's printer.

Find out more about the grievance procedure and download forms here.

Step 4 Book

This page contains a collection of grievance settlements, memorandums of understanding, court decisions, and statements of the parties' understanding of the issues involved in various national-level disputes. Many of these documents have resolved disputes over contract interpretation. The individual documents in this book can be found in the Contract Database. Users should also refer to the JCIM (Joint Contract Interpretation Manual) for the parties most up-to-date agreements regarding contract interpretations.

News Service Bulletins

Downloadable APWU News Service Bulletins for local union boards.

Steward's Training

A training manual for shop stewards to assist in his/her responsibilities, including: enforcing the Collective Bargaining Agreement and Local Memorandum of Understanding; motivating the membership; organizing non-members; keeping members informed of APWU meetings,activities, and programs; referring members to the correct agencies for assistance, and encouraging political involvement.

Steward's Training Manual

Weingarten Rights

An excerpt from "The Legal Rights of Union Stewards" by Robert M. Schwartz (Workers Rights Press). Named after a 1975 Supreme Court decision, "Weingarten Rights" provide that a union-represented employee has the right to a steward when facing an investigatory interview. This document explains what constitutes an investigatory interview and what rights employees and stewards have in such an interview. The document includes a list of questions and answers regarding Weingarten Rights. 

Find out more about your Weingarten Rights here.