Union Power = Worker Power

Why Should We Organize in Our 2024 Build Union Power Campaign?

Building a stronger and more active membership makes us powerful. Whether we are fighting for a good, fair new union contract in June, protecting our jobs during proposed consolidations as a result of the Postal Service’s network modernization, or defending our safety on the workroom oor, working together in a union is what wins the day!

Every year, as postal workers retire and new hires join our ranks, the privatizers and corporate giants hope our union will get weaker – that new hires will fail to join the union and pay their dues, until one-by-one, our union shrinks, and we are too weak to fight off their attacks. 

The outcome of this contract depends on our union’s power and leverage. We are the American Postal Workers Union! Since our first collective bargaining agreement in 1971, we have stood together time and time again to improve our wages, our benefits, and our rights in the workplace. With the opening of contract negotiations just months away this is an important time to build our strength.

Between April 1 and June 25, we are calling on all active members to have conversations with every single coworker to make sure they’re signed up as a member. That will put us in the best possible position to enter into negotiations for a new contract with the full force of our worker power behind us.

Union Power = Worker Power

If we work together, we can keep our union strong, and protect our families and our livelihoods for years to come.

Commit to signing up a new member during our 2024 Organizing Drive

Sign up your non-member coworkers

Just ask your non-member coworkers to scan this QR code to access online form 1187 to join the union.

Listen to our podcast episode about this campaign! "Communicating with you the Member, Episode 5: Build Union Power! with APWU Organization Director Anna Smith"

Posters & Materials

How to Have an Organizing Conversation

  1. Talk to a Local Union Officer 
    Find out who is a non-member in your facility.
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Let the non-member know it’s an important conversation.
  3. Identify Their Issues
    Ask about what’s important to them, what they hope for, and what they’d like to change at work.
  4. Agitate and Educate
    Help them understand “who decides” or “who’s standing in the way” of workers getting what we need. 
  5. Hope is A Vision for Change
    Show your coworkers how the union is our tool to win changes at work. Share a union success story from your local or state APWU!
  6. Call the Question
    “Are you ready to stand with us?"

    Ask them to join the union and get involved. We’re stronger together, with  everyone inside the union. 

See Yourself Here!

Send your 'Building Union Power' organizing photos to APWU today!

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See yourself here! Send your 'Building Union Power' organizing photos to APWU today!