COLA For Employees Covered by the National Agreement

In August, the first month of the six-month adjustment period for the third COLA under the 2021 Agreement, the CPI-W Seasonally Unadjusted Index (1967=100) was 868.673.  

If the adjustment was made based on the August 2022 Index, the adjustment would be: 

Monthly Tracking Amount
Per Annum $0.00
Per Pay Period $0.00
Cents Per Hour  $0.00

However, the third COLA under the 2021 National Agreement will be based on the January 2023 Index. Currently, the BLS has not announced the 2023 CPI release dates, so the effective dates have not yet been determined. 

Under the 2021 National Agreement, employees accrued the following adjustments totaling $3,765.00: 

# Amount Effective Date Pay Period Pay Date
1 $1,310.00 February 26, 2022 06-2022 March 18, 2022
2 $2,455.00 August 27, 2022 19-2022 September 16, 2022