Congressional Voting Records

Stand In Solidarity!

The struggle of postal workes for decent wages, benefits and working conditions, as well as for dignity and respect on the job, closely parallels the struggles faced by working families everywhere.

The APWU stands united with its brothers and sisters in the labor movement for good jobs, healthcare, retirement security, and education for all Americans.

We encourage every APWU member to learn about the many important issues facing our nation — and to vote in every local, state and national election.

Stay Informed!

One way to stay informed is to visit the AFL-CIO Web pages that track many important issues: keeping good jobs in America, making healthcare affordable, protecting Social Security, expanding civil and human rights, and defending our right to organize and bargain collectively.

Learn How Your Members of Congress Vote

The AFL-CIO also tracks how every U.S. House and Senate member votes on the key issues. Click here to find out whether or not your representatives are standing up for working families.

Legislative Alerts

Click here for alerts about legislative issues that affect all American working families.

The APWU also encourages its members to help build a stronger voice in politics for working families by participating in the AFL-CIO’s efforts to engage, educate, and mobilize union members in local, state, and national elections.