MOU: Customer Care Center CCC Temporary Staffing MOU (2013)

Customer Care Center , CCC , CCC PSEs , CCC Staffing

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Residual vacancies that have not been filled via the bidding process, reassignment (excessing), rehab status job offer, unassigned regular preferencing or e-Reassign transfers will be filled temporarily for a period not to exceed the time limits set therein. The MOU also provides the pecking order for temporary assignments among Rehab, limited, and light duty clerks. After these steps have been completed, remaining temporary CCC vacancies may be filled by PSEs. These PSEs will be tracked and reported to the Union on a monthly basis during the temporary period. During this time, those PSEs may be reassigned into Functions 1 or 4 as applicable or terminated if there is a lack of work, unless the parties mutually agree to extend PSE employment in a CCC.

Document Type:  Memorandum of Understanding

Craft:  Clerk

Tags: Customer Care Center , CCC , CCC PSEs , CCC Staffing

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