In the Clerk Craft, the parties first reiterated that the MOU Re: Reversion of Withheld/Residual Vacancies dated November 7, 2011 shall be followed. The instant MOU then sets forth an 8-Step pecking order for the filling of residual vacancies. The MOU also references application of normal existing procedures in conjunction with this MOU. The MOU also places restrictions on cross-craft assignments into the Clerk Craft and other terms and conditions. In the Maintenance Craft, duty assignments will be filled in accordance with Articles 38.3, 38.4, 38.5, and the Order for Filling Vacant Maintenance Positions found at pages 280-281 of the JCIM. After applying item 7.a (Maintenance Transfers) of the Order for Filling Vacant Maintenance Positions, at that point, custodial duty assignment(s) shall be filled by offering conversion to PSE custodian(s). The parties will address procedures concerning PSE conversion in a separate MOU. In the Motor Vehicle Craft, residual duty assignments will be filled by application of Article 39.1.B.6, Article 39.1.B.7 and Article 39.2.A.11. The filling of residual vacancies in accordance with these Articles will be by converting PSEs working in the same position as the residual vacancies (Mechanic, Technician, TTO or MVO) in the same installation.

Document Type:  Memorandum of Understanding

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