On a one-time basis, the APWU waived the Article 1.3 right of the Clerk Craft to follow the work into this otherwise excluded facility. Sets the staffing levels of the TACS Help Desk. Allied duties not transferring to the new location will remain in the bargaining unit. Newly established best-qualified TACS Help Desk duty assignments will be filled according the terms therein. Employees will not be eligible for relocation expenses. Any disputes arising will be forwarded to the Headquarters level for resolution. This agreement is without precedent and cannot be cited for any other purpose except enforcement.

Document Type:  Memorandum of Understanding

Craft:  Clerk

Tags: TACS , TACS Help Desk , ADRP , District TACS , Shared Services , ASC , Best-Qualified Duty Assignments

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E.g., 03/26/2023
E.g., 03/26/2023

Step 4 Agreement: Lead Clerk TACS Clock Office Role, Training and Duties (2016)

February 4, 2016

Document Type: Step 4 Agreement

Craft: Clerk

APWU National Grievance Number: HQTC20150814

Lead Clerk, TACS, Training, Clerk Craft Jobs MOU, Lead Clerk Role, Lead Clerk Training, Lead Clerk Duties, Bargaining unit work