The agreement states the Postal Service will return to their contractual obligation of including scheme requirements on bid duty assignments in accordance with Chapter 3 of the Handbook M-5, Schemes: Construction, Assignment, Training, and Proficiency. Scheme training and dexterity training will be conducted manually until such time that the Postal Service develops training methods that will then be reviewed by the APWU who can challenge any changes. Local grievances held pending this dispute will be resolved in accordance with this agreement and local fact circumstances. If the parties are unable to resolve the local cases based on the settlement because they contain issues not covered by the agreement, they may continue pursuing the cases through the grievance procedure.

Document Type:  Step 4 Agreement

APWU National Grievance Number:  HQTC20150333

GATS Number:  Q10C-4Q-C15125503

Craft:  Clerk

Tags: scheme , scheme training , scheme requirements , elimination of scheme , dexterity , Training , duty assignments , Posting and Bidding , SONIKS , M-5 , skills required , skill , overtime skill , Overtime

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