Material Support Craft

The Material Distribution Center (MDC) is located in Topeka, KS. This unit is a Postal Headquarters facility. Prior to 2010, this unit had its own collective bargaining agreement (CBA). In 2010 the CBA language merged into the APWU main CBA under Article 41.

This facility receives and delivers shipment orders for every type of Postal supply and machine part you can imagine. They are a warehouse facility. Employees at this facility do a variety of jobs such as shipping all types of office supplies, leaflets, flyers, and envelopes required by Postal facilities across the country.

They take in and repair or salvage all postal computer, terminals, keyboards, and equipment. They stock, or order parts for any type of machine or equipment that the Postal Service uses in its operations across the country. They have a customer help desk on site to receive inquiries and resolve issues with parts and supplies.