2021 APWU Ad Release: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

December 15, 2021

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On December 15, APWU launched their 2021 holiday season ad. The ad follows the arduous journey millions of gifts and holiday greetings take during the busiest postal season of the year.  

In the ad, a young girl gleefully places her festive holly berry red package in the hands of a window clerk. The ad follows the package as it passes through the intricate postal system, from member to member, through processing, distribution and delivery. Each and every parcel and piece of mail you send travels through countless caring hands until it reaches the front porch of your loved one – connecting Americans like no other public service.  

Season after season, postal workers deliver everything from vital medicines and mail to holiday greetings and gifts. Show your support and gratitude, thank a postal worker and support your vibrant public post office.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

This year postal workers transported, sorted and then delivered billions of pieces of vital mail, medicine, packages, greetings and gifts to 160 million addresses every day. We serve everyone, everywhere. We're dedicated to Americans like you who rely on us, and depend on a public postal service. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, from the members of the American Postal Workers Union.

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