2022 National Convention

Sarah Jane Rodriguez

September 10, 2022

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Every other year, the APWU Health Plan looks forward to the APWU National Convention as it gives us a chance to connect with union members from all around the nation. It’s an exciting event, and this year’s convention didn’t disappoint!

The APWU Health Plan participates in these events to offer our support to the APWU delegates , showcase our benefits, and provide health and wellness activities. For this national event, we also brought our vendors - Cigna, Express Scripts, and United Healthcare - to help staff the booths and provide health information to the attendees. We had a busy week!

During the pre-conference workshops, Organization Director Anna Smith and I provided a training class that was well-received.

Throughout the entire week, many delegates, union members and Health Plan Representatives visited our booth with questions about our two plans. We heard many questions; most we were able to answer on the spot. For questions of a personal or complicated nature, we followed up with detailed responses after the conclusion of the convention. We met so many people who had been with our Plan for many decades and that had great things to say about us. We connected with many new hires who were eager to learn more about our two plans and interested in attending our online webinars that we present during Open Season.

During the pre-conference, I was able to address the retiree delegation. They showed a lot of interest in our Medicare Advantage program. We took the time to walk them through all the added benefits they would get at no extra cost. During the retiree breakfast, United Healthcare coordinated blood pressure checks, and during the pre-conference, Cigna offered chair massages during conference breaks for the attendees.

Other health and wellness activities included flu shots, COVID-19 vaccines and boosters that were administered by onsite CVS personnel. As the Health Plan for APWU, our concern is always creating ways to educate and protect our members. Prevention is one of our primary solutions to better health. Convention bags were filled with COVID-19 OTC test kits - just another preventive measure as we continue to live through the pandemic. United Healthcare provided 2,500 test kits. 

Some of the convention highlights included t-shirt and first aid kit giveaways and online trivia. The Health Plan did a sweepstakes drawing for those that participated in the survey. The online quiz provided a platform for delegates to learn more about the Consumer Driven Option, which includes a substantial, contractually negotiated premium reduction for the APWU Career bargaining unit employees (in FEHB for one year).

Thank you to all the delegates that came by and participated in our events. We wish you good health until we meet again at the next event!

 All in all, this year’s National Convention was a great success and the APWU Health Plan team enjoyed meeting, supporting and educating our members.

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