Agreement Reached on MS 1 Remand!

February 28, 2018

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On February 27, 2018, the Postal Service and the APWU Maintenance Division signed an agreement resolving national level disputes in case numbers (Q10T-4Q-C 14171644 and Q10T-4Q-C 16481407).

The outstanding issue revolves around Arbitrator Goldberg’s REMANDED Decision of September 13, 2017:

The issues of whether the revisions to the MS-1 dealing with (a) preventative maintenance time allowances and frequencies, and (b) space adjustments and miscellaneous work time allowances violated Article 19 are remanded to the parties.”

The parties agreed as follows:

Preventative Maintenance time allowances and frequencies have been discussed and all mutually agreed to adjustments will be made in the published MS-1 and/or the appropriate Maintenance Management Orders (MMOs).

The percentage time allowance work hours allocated to Miscellaneous will be increased from proposed 2% to 8%.

There will be a year period during which staffing adjustments which impact employees will not take place.

Background: The Building Equipment Maintenance Mechanics are responsible for maintaining postal building infrastructures, namely (1) Building Electrical Systems (HVAC) and (2) Plumbing, air compression, elevators, dock levelers, dock doors, power distribution, switch gears, power panels.

The Union contends in its 15 Day letter:

  • The Agency’s proposed changes to MS 1 Handbook will create havoc to our Building Equipment Mechanic by drastically reducing allowed preventative, reactive hours.
  • The Agency’s new concept of “Run to Failure” is misguided and unachievable.
  • Building Automated System (BAS) will replace the current human monitoring of building equipment.
  • Remote monitoring of building equipment will replace the need for Travel Routes.
  • According to the Postal Service, historical data reveals lack of usage of current assigned preventative maintenance (PM), therefore PM hours are going to be drastically reduced.
  • The Agency believed the existence of “Intelligent Filter“ is within reach or available, this will replace the need for physical verification.
  • The Agency is adamant about removal of space adjustment and miscellaneous without an acceptable rationale, justification or the size of the building.
  • The Union objects to the standardization of preventative maintenance, the concept of one size fits all maintenance; e.g., 8.5 hours will be the assigned amount for a “chiller” preventative maintenance regardless of size of units.
  • The Health and Safety of our employees were not being taken into consideration.

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