Any Modifications to the 110 HCR Subcontracting Awards Must be Discussed at National Level

November 22, 2016

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According to correspondence between the Postal Service and APWU, all discussions to modify any of the 110 Highway Contract Route (HCR) subcontracting must be done at the National level.

In the award summary, Arbitrator Shaym Das stated, “By agreement, the parties may substitute other route(s) to be converted to PVS service pursuant to this order based on particular circumstances.”

In the Nov. 7 correspondence, the Postal Service contended, “Since this was a National level arbitration we would agree that the parties the arbitrator refers to are parties at the National level.”

If your local has been contacted by USPS management regarding this matter, tell them to contact the Motor Vehicle Service Craft’s National office at 202-842-4240, or to send a fax to 202-842-8517

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