APWU Opposes USPS Proposal to Slow Down Standard Mail

February 21, 2014

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In a filing with the Postal Regulatory Commission on Feb. 20, the APWU strenuously opposed a USPS proposal to reduce service standards for Standard Mail. The USPS has asked the commission for an advisory opinion on the proposal, which the USPS claims would alleviate a problem with heavy workloads on Monday by permitting delivery on Tuesday of Standard Mail that now is due to be delivered on Monday.

In its brief to the PRC, APWU points out that this is another in a series of USPS cuts in service that cannot be justified by cost savings.  The changes will cut service and force mailers to incur more costs, a pattern that has repeated itself as USPS has closed mail processing facilities. The APWU also pointed out that USPS has made no effort to justify the proposed service cuts by proving that USPS will save money.

The Postal Service  has argued that the so-called “load levelling” effect of the proposed changes would make it possible for letter carriers to finish their routes earlier than they now do on Mondays. The AWPU has been critical of the USPS for causing letter carriers to be out late, often making deliveries after dark, because of previous facility closures and service cuts by USPS.  Large mailers and mailer organizations also have been critical of the proposed service reductions.

APWU President Mark Dimondstein said, “It is ironic that the Postal Service is trying to justify more service cuts by referring to the problem of late carrier deliveries — a problem USPS caused by previous service cuts.  There is no justification for these proposed cuts.  The Postal Service cannot cut its way to financial health. It must expand and enhance service, not cut it.”

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