Arbitrator Stephen Goldberg Issues Award in MS-1 Handbook Dispute

September 21, 2017

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In his award dated September 13, 2017, Arbitrator Stephen Goldberg issued a decision in the MS-1 Handbook case no. Q10T-4Q-C 14171644/Q10T- 4Q- C 16481407. The four-part award found that the Postal Service did not violate Article 34 with their proposed changes, nor did it violate Article 19 with granting local management additional discretion or the transferring of the work to the auspices of FMO for stations and branches.

Part four of the award, while generally granting the APWU’s position, contained a significant caveat.

It reads: “The issues of whether the revisions to the MS-1 dealing with (a) preventative maintenance time allowances and frequencies, and (b) space adjustments and miscellaneous work time allowances violated Article 19 are remanded to the parties.”

Arbitrator Goldberg lists specific instructions regarding information to be exchanged between the parties. He states, “If, in a subsequent arbitration hearing, the Postal Service fails to present verifiable evidence that would on its face warrant a finding that the proposed revisions in (a) preventative maintenance time allowances and frequencies; (b) space adjustment and miscellaneous work allowances are fair, reasonable, and equitable, it cannot prevail.

The last section reads, “I shall retain jurisdiction of this matter to resolve any issues with respect to the remand here ordered and/or further proceedings arising out of the instant Award or the remand.”

 Presently, the proposed MS-1 at issue in this case has not been published to the field.

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