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November 1, 2017

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(This article first appeared in the November-December 2017 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)

Vice President Debby Szeredy speaks with clerk Michelle Reid. 

By Executive Vice President Debby Szeredy

We must fight back against consolidations and closures – and any attack on our workplace. 

To assist, the National has provided locals with information and strategies on how to build a movement.

The whole country is feeling the effects of delayed mail and understaffing. Businesses that mail periodicals, newspapers and small mailings are adversely affected. Our customers are not happy. The continued degradation of service is harming the Postal Service’s trusted record and affecting our future revenue and success.

Those that want to privatize the Postal Service are attacking us now, and we must take action. It starts with local members and officers creating a plan to build up our members’ mobilizing power, as well as organizing our community groups, customers and our legislative leaders in our cities and states around the country. Visit for a booklet on coalition building.

Members will step up and get involved if they are asked. They need to understand the importance of good service – not only for them, but for their families – and the future of the people’s Postal Service. We are in dangerous times. Members need to get involved so we can reach our goals – protecting the country’s Postal Service and our jobs.

Clerk Cindy Richardson, Vice President Debby Szeredy, Central Michigan Area
Local President Lisa Jackson and Assistant Clerk Craft Director Lynn Pallas-Barber.

While visiting the Lansing, MI plant (that was partially consolidated) I spoke to members about stepping up. It takes a one-on-one connection to build and mobilize a movement. Lansing members care – both the young and the seasoned want to make a difference at work.

Consolidations Cause Delays

Christmas season is here and it is important to get all mail to our customers on time, not just packages. Postal workers are dedicated to giving the service our customers deserve. The problem is that prompt, efficient service standards were taken from all of us on Jan. 5, 2015. Plants were consolidated, causing excessive overtime in gaining facilities and mail delays everywhere.

Many facilities are understaffed, as workers are retiring and the turnover rate of our new, non-career employees continues to grow. New employees have less opportunities to become career because management’s new campaign is to get rid of jobs. We are in urgent times and we need your passion and volunteerism now.

Get involved with your local and help build people power. If everyone works together with our customers, communities and congressional members, we can build the Postal Service.

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