Clerk Division Creates Agenda At All-Craft Conference

November 19, 2013

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Clerks at the All-Craft Conference in Las Vegas approved three of seven resolutions to guide APWU leaders when the union enters contract negotiations with the Postal Service. The union’s current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires May 20, 2015.

On Nov. 6, clerks approved resolutions instructing union leaders to:

  • Negotiate a mechanism to convert Postal Support Employees (PSEs) to career status after contractual rights for career employees have been met;
  • Negotiate language to ensure that employees in Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) assignments whose holiday or designated holiday exceeds 8 hours will be paid hour-per-hour in accordance with their scheduled day, and
  • Make it a priority to enforce language in the contract and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) to return to the craft work that is being performed by USPS management, such as timekeeping and other duties.

Four other resolutions concerning non-scheduled days for employees in NTFT assignments, limitations on the length of time residual vacancies may be withheld, and the RI-399 jurisdictional dispute process were also considered but were defeated or deferred pending further consideration.

Resolutions approved at the All-Craft Conference are subject to amendment and approval by the delegates to the APWU Biennial National Convention, the union’s highest governing body, in July 2014. Additional resolutions will be presented and voted on as well.

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