Convention Resolutions Now Posted

July 12, 2010

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Resolutions that will be considered by delegates to the APWU 20th Biennial National Convention are now posted [PDF-members only] online at Delegates will debate and vote on the proposals that will guide the union’s work over the next two years. The resolutions address labor-management issues, craft-specific items, legislative topics, and proposals to change the union’s constitution.

“By posting the resolutions online, we are giving union members the opportunity to discuss issues before the convention begins,” APWU President William Burrus said. “Upon arrival in Detroit, each delegate will receive copies of the resolutions in booklet form, which they will be able to review as issues are debated.”

In accordance with convention rules, additional resolutions may be presented at the National Convention as addendums, provided they have been properly authorized by locals, state organizations, or members-at-large, and do not deal with subjects already covered.

A list of previously adopted Labor-Management Resolutions also is available; these resolutions will not be considered again (except via a motion for reconsideration).

The convention will be held Aug. 23-27.

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