e-Team Report, Feb. 26, 2015

February 26, 2015

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Republicans in Wisconsin are attempting to rush so-called “Right to Work” legislation through the state Senate. Just days ago, Governor Scott Walker stated he would sign such legislation if it reaches his desk, a stark reversal from his campaign promise not to support right to work legislation – a move Politifact calls a full Flip-Flop.

Right to work laws undermine workers collective strength and power by outlawing the right of unions win "union shops" in bargaining with companies, provisions to ensure that every worker belongs to the union, or at least must pay for union representation.

The measure was introduced Monday during a special session of the state Senate.  In response, thousands of Wisconsinites have descended on the state capitol to protest this disastrous legislation.  

Tuesday night, the Wisconsin Senate Labor Chair shut down a hearing over the bill, citing a “threat.” That “threat” the Chair was so fearful of was a line of over 100 people waiting to testify against a bill that would deny workers their freedoms.  Yesterday, the full Wisconsin state Senate debated the bill.  As Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald insisted, he had the votes to pass it and last night the bill passed the Senate 17-15.  The bill will move to the state Assembly next week, which is also controlled by Republicans.

Should Walker and his anti-worker cronies succeed, Wisconsin would become the 25th state to enact so-called “right-to-work” laws.  Not ones to take this lying down, working Americans are rising up against this dastardly attack – turning out in droves at the Capitol, packing the Senate labor committee, and making their voices heard in the Senate chamber.  “This is a sham,” as one Capitol called out, “This is an attack on democracy.”

To more closely follow these rapid developments and take action, stay tuned with the website and Facebook of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.

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