e-Team Report, June 8, 2012

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House Still Remains Next Step for Postal Reform

Comprehensive postal reform is still waiting to take its next step toward passage. It is essential that you contact your member of Congress to urge them to consider postal reform legislation immediately. Be sure to ask them to use the Senate bill (S.1789) as a starting point, not Congressman Issa’s (R-CA) H.R. 2309. Urge your representative to begin consideration of S.1789 and reject H.R.2309. To send a message to them today, click here!

Since postal reform has yet to pass both houses of Congress, the Postal Service is looking to move forward with their consolidation plan. This week, the APWU is fighting back against this reduction in service to the American people. The APWU will file a complaint demanding the Postal Service comply with federal law and seek the required advisory opinion from the PRC before making nationwide changes in service. To read more on the APWU’s website please, click here.

Rural Reform

Recently, an article took a look at the realities of postal reform and its effect on rural communities. It talks primarily about the service and what it means for rural America. It offers a viewpoint of several different aspects of delivery for rural America.

State Election Law Update MI and FL

Just this past week, a U.S. District judge put a strong block on several of Florida’s recently passed, restrictive voter registration laws. 

While Florida now finds parts of its restrictive voter registration laws being blocked by federal courts, another state watches as its legislature moves forward with its own set of restrictive voter registration legislation. Michigan state legislators are considering burdensome state-wide mandatory trainings for citizens in order to become eligible to sign up new voters. Furthermore, there is no assurance that these trainings will be widely available to citizens in the state. To read more about Michigan’s legislation to restrict voter registration efforts, click here.

Inequality- In Pay?

The AFL-CIO has released a great post that informs about the history of income inequality. Please, click here to watch a minute-long video on the topic.

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