e-Team Report, Oct. 7, 2011

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APWU Opposes USPS Proposal To Cut Service Standards and Eliminate 252 Mail Processing Facilities

To read the proposed USPS regulations please click here.To read what ABC news wrote about the USPS’ proposed closure of 252 processing centers click here.

Take action today! Click here to write your legislator and point out the impact the proposed USPS service changes will have in their home district along with asking for them to support H.R. 1351, which would make these dramatic cutbacks unnecessary.

Below you will find a list of those members of congress who have signed on in support of H.R. 1351 since 10/03/2011. If you see your member of Congress below please thank them for supporting H.R. 1351. There are currently 225 members signed on as a cosponsor.

Clyburn, James    D-SC-06
Faleomavaega, Eni    D-AS-DL
Johnson, Bill    R-OH-06
Pelosi, Nancy    D-CA-08
Reed, Tom    R-NY-29

Below you will find a list of those members of Congress who have not yet signed on as a cosponsor of H.R. 1351. If you see your member of Congress listed below please reach out to them and ask that the cosponsor and support H.R. 1351.

Adams, Sandy    R-FL-24
Aderholt, Robert    R-AL-04
Akin, Todd    R-MO-02
Alexander, Rodney    R-LA-05
Amash, Justin    R-MI-03
Amodei, Mark    R-NV-02
Austria, Steve    R-OH-07
Bachmann, Michele    R-MN-06
Bachus, Spencer    R-AL-06
Bartlett, Roscoe    R-MD-06
Barton, Joe    R-TX-06
Benishek, Dan    R-MI-01
Berg, Rick    R-ND-AL
Biggert, Judy    R-IL-13
Bilbray, Brian    R-CA-50
Bilirakis, Gus    R-FL-09
Black, Diane    R-TN-06
Blackburn, Marsha    R-TN-07
Boehner, John    R-OH-08
Bonner, Josiah    R-AL-01
Bono Mack, Mary    R-CA-45
Boustany, Charles    R-LA-07
Brady, Kevin    R-TX-08
Brooks, Mo    R-AL-05
Broun, Paul    R-GA-10
Buchanan, Vern    R-FL-13
Bucshon, Larry    R-IN-08
Buerkle, Ann Marie    R-NY-25
Burgess, Michael    R-TX-26
Burton, Dan    R-IN-05
Calvert, Ken    R-CA-44
Camp, David    R-MI-04
Campbell, John    R-CA-48
Canseco, Francisco    R-TX-23
Cantor, Eric    R-VA-07
Capito, Shelley    R-WV-02
Cassidy, Bill    R-LA-06
Chabot, Steve    R-OH-01
Chaffetz, Jason    R-UT-03
Coble, Howard    R-NC-06
Coffman, Mike    R-CO-06
Cole, Thomas    R-OK-04
Conaway, Michael    R-TX-11
Cooper, Jim    D-TN-05
Cravaack, Chip    R-MN-08
Crawford, Rick    R-AR-01
Crenshaw, Ander    R-FL-04
Culberson, John    R-TX-07
Davis, Geoff    R-KY-04
Denham, Jeff    R-CA-19
DesJarlais, Scott    R-TN-04
Diaz-Balart, Mario    R-FL-21
Dold, Robert    R-IL-10
Dreier, David    R-CA-26
Duffy, Sean    R-WI-07
Duncan, Jeff    R-SC-03
Duncan, John    R-TN-02
Ellmers, Renee    R-NC-02
Farenthold, Blake    R-TX-27
Fincher, Stephen    R-TN-08
Flake, Jeffrey    R-AZ-06
Fleischmann, Charles    R-TN-03
Fleming, John    R-LA-04
Flores, Bill    R-TX-17
Forbes, J.    R-VA-04
Fortenberry, Jeffrey    R-NE-01
Foxx, Virginia    R-NC-05
Franks, Trent    R-AZ-02
Frelinghuysen, Rodney    R-NJ-11
Gallegly, Elton    R-CA-24
Gardner, Cory    R-CO-04
Garrett, Scott    R-NJ-05
Gibbs, Robert    R-OH-18
Gibson, Chris    R-NY-20
Giffords, Gabrielle    D-AZ-08
Gingrey, Phil    R-GA-11
Gohmert, Louie    R-TX-01
Goodlatte, Robert    R-VA-06
Gosar, Paul    R-AZ-01
Gowdy, Trey    R-SC-04
Granger, Kay    R-TX-12
Graves, Samuel    R-MO-06
Graves, Tom    R-GA-09
Griffin, Tim    R-AR-02
Griffith, Morgan    R-VA-09
Guinta, Franklin    R-NH-01
Guthrie, S.    R-KY-02
Hall, Ralph    R-TX-04
Harper, Gregg    R-MS-03
Harris, Andy    R-MD-01
Hartzler, Vicky    R-MO-04
Hastings, Richard    R-WA-04
Hayworth, Nan    R-NY-19
Heck, Joseph    R-NV-03
Hensarling, Jeb    R-TX-05
Herger, Wally    R-CA-02
Herrera Beutler, Jaime    R-WA-03
Huelskamp, Tim    R-KS-01
Huizenga, Bill    R-MI-02
Hultgren, Randy    R-IL-14
Hunter, Duncan    R-CA-52
Hurt, Robert    R-VA-05
Issa, Darrell    R-CA-49
Johnson, Samuel    R-TX-03
Jordan, Jim    R-OH-04
Kelly, Mike    R-PA-03
King, Steve    R-IA-05
Kingston, Jack    R-GA-01

Kinzinger, Adam    R-IL-11
Kline, John    R-MN-02
Labrador, Raul    R-ID-01
Lamborn, Doug    R-CO-05
Landry, Jeff    R-LA-03
Lankford, James    R-OK-05
Latta, Robert    R-OH-05
Lewis, Jerry    R-CA-41
Long, Billy    R-MO-07
Lucas, Frank    R-OK-03
Luetkemeyer, Blaine    R-MO-09
Lummis, Cynthia    R-WY-AL
Lungren, Daniel    R-CA-03
Mack, Connie    R-FL-14
Marchant, Kenneth    R-TX-24
McCarthy, Kevin    R-CA-22
McCaul, Michael    R-TX-10
McClintock, Tom    R-CA-04
McCotter, Thaddeus    R-MI-11
McHenry, Patrick    R-NC-10
McKeon, Howard    R-CA-25
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy    R-WA-05
Mica, John    R-FL-07
Miller, Candice    R-MI-10
Miller, Gary    R-CA-42
Miller, Jeff    R-FL-01
Mulvaney, Mick    R-SC-05
Murphy, Tim    R-PA-18
Myrick, Sue    R-NC-09
Neugebauer, Randy    R-TX-19
Noem, Kristi    R-SD-AL
Nugent, Richard    R-FL-05
Nunes, Devin    R-CA-21
Nunnelee, Alan    R-MS-01
Olson, Pete    R-TX-22
Palazzo, Steven    R-MS-04
Paul, Ronald    R-TX-14
Paulsen, Erik    R-MN-03
Pearce, Steve    R-NM-02
Pence, Michael    R-IN-06
Petri, Thomas    R-WI-06
Pitts, Joseph    R-PA-16
Poe, Ted    R-TX-02
Pompeo, Mike    R-KS-04
Posey, Bill    R-FL-15
Price, Thomas    R-GA-06
Quayle, Ben    R-AZ-03
Rehberg, Dennis    R-MT-AL
Reichert, David    R-WA-08
Ribble, Reid    R-WI-08
Rigell, Scott    R-VA-02
Rivera, David    R-FL-25
Roby, Martha    R-AL-02
Roe, David    R-TN-01
Rogers, Harold    R-KY-05
Rogers, Michael    R-MI-08
Rogers, Michael    R-AL-03
Rohrabacher, Dana    R-CA-46
Rokita, Todd    R-IN-04
Rooney, Thomas    R-FL-16
Roskam, Peter    R-IL-06
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana    R-FL-18
Ross, Dennis    R-FL-12
Royce, Edward    R-CA-40
Ryan, Paul    R-WI-01
Scalise, Steve    R-LA-01
Schilling, Robert    R-IL-17
Schmidt, Jeannette    R-OH-02
Schock, Aaron    R-IL-18
Schweikert, David    R-AZ-05
Scott, Austin    R-GA-08
Scott, Tim    R-SC-01
Sensenbrenner, Jim    R-WI-05
Sessions, Pete    R-TX-32
Shimkus, John    R-IL-19
Shuster, William    R-PA-09
Simpson, Mike    R-ID-02
Smith, Adrian    R-NE-03
Smith, Lamar    R-TX-21
Southerland, Steve    R-FL-02
Stearns, Clifford    R-FL-06
Stivers, Steve    R-OH-15
Stutzman, Marlin    R-IN-03
Sullivan, John    R-OK-01
Terry, Lee    R-NE-02
Thompson, Glenn    R-PA-05
Thornberry, Mac    R-TX-13
Tiberi, Patrick    R-OH-12
Tipton, Scott    R-CO-03
Turner, Bob    R-NY-09
Turner, Michael    R-OH-03
Upton, Frederick    R-MI-06
Walberg, Tim    R-MI-07
Walden, Gregory    R-OR-02
Walsh, Joe    R-IL-08
Webster, Daniel    R-FL-08
West, Allen    R-FL-22
Westmoreland, Lynn    R-GA-03
Whitfield, Edward    R-KY-01
Wilson, Joe    R-SC-02
Wittman, Robert    R-VA-01
Wolf, Frank    R-VA-10
Womack, Steve    R-AR-03
Woodall, Rob    R-GA-07
Yoder, Kevin    R-KS-03
Young, C.W.    R-FL-10
Young, Todd    R-IN-09

Senator Baucus Introduces Postal Legislation

This week Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) introduced legislation S. 1649 that aims to do two things. First, Senator Baucus’ bill looks to calculate and credit the Postal Service for overpayments made into the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS). Secondly, this legislation would not allow the Postal Service to close a post office where another office is not available to serve the community with a ten mile radius.

For more information about the bill including the full text of this piece of legislation click here.

Spending Bill Gives Postal Service A Few More Weeks to Make Payments

On Tuesday legislation was passed to both fund the federal government through November 18 and give the Postal Service more time to make their mandated $5.5 billion dollar payment to prefund its future retiree health benefits.

To read more please click here.

Two States Look to Change Way Electoral College Votes Are Awarded Before 2012 Presidential Election

Currently, in Pennsylvania the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote is awarded with all of the state’s electoral votes. The Republican controlled State Legislature is taking a look at giving presidential candidates one vote per congressional district with the remaining two electoral votes being awarded to the candidate who wins the popular vote in the state.

While in Nebraska state lawmakers are looking to do just the opposite. Currently, Nebraska awards an electoral vote for each of their three congressional districts with their other two electoral votes being awarded to the candidate who wins the popular vote of the state. Nebraska’s state legislature is looking to give all of the electoral votes of their state to the candidate who wins the overall popular vote.

To read a more detailed analysis of what this change could mean for how electoral votes are awarded in Pennsylvania click here.

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