e-Team Report, Sept. 9, 2011

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Sept. 27 Day of Action Save America’s Postal Service

All across the county in every congressional district rallies will be taking place aimed at bringing together those wanting to “Save America’s Postal Service”. These rallies are looking to build support for H.R. 1351. Rallies that take place in districts in which the member of congress are already signed on as a cosponsor will look to both thank that member for their support along with urging them to do everything in their power to pass H.R. 1351. Rallies that take place in districts where the member has yet to cosponsor H.R. 1351 will focus on garnering that member’s support.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the National Day of Action taking place on September 27, please click here.

Event locations will be posted on the website starting Sept. r 16, 2011 and will be updated on a daily basis.

President Guffey Testifies Before Senate Committee

This week APWU President Cliff Guffey testified before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs at a hearing titled: “U.S. Postal Service in Crisis: Proposals to Prevent a Postal Shutdown”.  President Guffey in his testimony went on to say that the legislative proposals put forth by the Postal Service are “outrageous, Illegal and despicable”. Click here to read more about the hearing and to read President Guffey’s full testimony.

At the same hearing this week John Berry, Director of the Federal Office of Personnel Management stated that the administration will be announcing their plan to put the Postal Service back on solid ground. To read this article please click here.Tell Congress: Support H.R. 1351

Now that Congress is back in session it is time to reach out to your member of congress and make sure that they know how their constituents feel about the Postal Service and how they can help the USPS.

The APWU is asking union members to urge their members of Congress to cosponsor and support Rep. Lynch’s H.R. 1351, which will let the USPS use billions of dollars in CSRS and FERS overpayments to meet its financial obligations. Unlike, other bills that address the pension overpayments, H.R. 1351 will not attack the rights of workers to collectively bargain.

Also, tell your member of Congress to oppose Congressman Issa’s H.R. 2309. Rep. Darrell Issa’s H.R. 2309 does not correct the massive USPS overpayments to its CSRS and FERS pension accounts. Congressman Issa’s bill will wage an attack on current negotiated wages, benefits, and protection against layoffs of postal workers.

What can you do to help? Contact your member of Congress today! You can reach your member of Congress by calling the Capitol Hill switchboard today at (202) 224-3121 or to find your member of congress click here. If you have not already sent a quick message to your member of congress asking them to cosponsor H.R. 1351 and oppose H.R. 2309 take action today by clicking both of the links below. To send your member of Congress a quick message asking them to cosponsor and support H.R. 1351 please click here. To send a quick message to your member of Congress asking them to oppose Congressman Issa’s H.R. 2309 please click here.

Below you will find a list of those members of Congress who have not yet signed on as a cosponsor of H.R. 1351. If you see your member of Congress listed below please reach out to them and ask that the cosponsor and support H.R. 1351. There are currently 201 members of the house signed on in support. H.R. 1351 Co-sponsors.

Proposed Postal Service Layoffs Would Significantly Impact Minorities, Veterans

This week an article showed the impact of the Postal Service’s proposed cut of 120,000 USPS jobs. The article highlights the impact that these cuts would have on both the Veteran and Minority segments of the population. To read about the impact these cuts would have click here.

Governor Lynch’s Veto Sustained in New Hampshire / Ohio to Mail Absentee Ballot Applications to Every Voter in 2012 but not in 2011

This week Democratic Governor John Lynch of New Hampshire saw his veto of recently passed voter ID legislation upheld. If Governor Lynch’s veto was overridden New Hampshire would have seen the most regressive voter ID law to recently pass a state legislature become law. To read more on this story in New Hampshire click here.

In Ohio Secretary of State John Husted and Cuyahoga County executive Ed Fitzgerald went toe to toe in a battle over mailing an absentee ballot application to every voter in each election. Decisions were made and deals done which resulted in Husted agreeing to mail applications to every voter in Ohio for the 2012 election while Fitgerald agreed not to mail applications for this 2011 election to voters. To read more click here.

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