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November 1, 2017

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(This article first appeared in the November-December 2017 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)

From the Field is a new recurring feature for the American Postal Worker spotlighting statements from APWU local and state publications on a current issue.

Reversions, Abolishments, and Excessing 

“This is an attack on postal workers’ jobs and we have a big fight on our hands. We need all of you in that fight. You need to report every violation to your steward. Management will be forced to perform more clerk work if this excessing occurs and it is up to you to report those violations.” – Bob Gunter, Illinois Postal Worker Union President, The Illinois Postal Worker

“We can stand together as a union and fight back or we can fall into their trap and split up until our demise is assured. It is in these times of struggle that the true strength of a union is put to the test. It is also in these times that we must all realize that we ARE the union.” – Bill Schweiker, Philadelphia BMC Local Clerk Craft Director, Philly Parcel

“The Postal Service is reducing duty assignments, although the affected post offices are already understaffed…What makes this action particularly disgusting is that most of the impacted employees are former PSEs that were recently converted to career employees.” – Lisa Ortega, East Bay Area Local (CA) President, East Bay Unionizer

“These vacant duty assignments that management has decided to revert means there is less opportunities for career jobs for our PSEs. when we started at the Postal Service, we all looked forward to the day we would turn full-time regular. This is the same for PSEs and PTFs… but management doesn’t care. They want a workforce of PSEs so that they can continue to pay low wages and benefits.” – Tiffany Foster, New York Metro Area Local Executive Vice President, The Union Mail

“I can only encourage each and every one of you to continue to help us protect your jobs, and not let other employees from outside your craft perform your work. Continue to perform every aspect of your duty assignments on a daily basis…This truly is a fight where we have to work together as one…The union is your voice. It is a body made up of all of you.” – Michael L. Macho, Kentucky Postal Workers Union President, The Kentucky Postal Worker

“They will try to intimidate you, but when we, as a union, stand together, what can they do? Don’t give away your rights with inactivity and fear. Young members, PSEs, learn your rights, get active with your union, for the future is yours. Management would like no more than to have an uneducated and unchallenging work force to direct.” – Rodney Jones, The Northern Virginia Area Local Industrial Relations Director, Northern Virginia Postal Worker

“I can tell you one thing: the union does NOT run the Postal Service! The union reacts to management decisions that violate the contract… We must recognize that if it wasn’t for the union and we worked in the private sector, those of us who got abolishment letters might be looking for a new job outside the company.” – Michael J. Bates, Des Moines Area Local President, Iowa Postal Solidarity

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