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(This article appeared in the September-October 2013 edition of The American Postal Worker.)

Sue Carney, Director Human Relations Dept.

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is an annual event that provides postal and federal employees with the opportunity to make tax-deductible donations to one or several of their favorite charities through payroll deduction. The CFC is the world’s largest and most successful workplace charity drive, raising millions of dollars each year. Since its inception, the program has received donations in excess of $5.5 billion from the postal and federal community.

Pledges made during the campaign season (Sept. 1 to Dec. 15) support over 22,000 eligible nonprofit organizations that provide health and human service benefits throughout our nation and the world. Postal employees will be granted time to participate on-the-clock within the campaign season during a six week period designated for their area. (Contact your USPS District to find out when your District’s CFC campaign is occurring).

Designate #10268

We make our neighborhoods and our nation better whenever we contribute to the Combined Federal Campaign.

The fundraising period also presents each of us with an opportunity to improve the lives of fellow postal workers by raising funds for the Postal Employees Relief Fund. The Postal Employees Relief Fund (PERF) provides financial assistance to APWU members as well as other postal employees and retirees whose homes have been substantially damaged or destroyed by natural disasters. Supported and administered by all employee unions and the Postal Service, PERF is one of the tax-exempt charitable organization employees can designate during the campaign (#10268).

Within the past 11 months, we have endured Hurricane Sandy, the Moore OK tornados, the Canyon wildfi res, and other devastating disasters. Hundreds of postal workers and their families have been left with nothing. In one unforgiving instant, everything they worked for was lost.

Recently the PERF Executive Committee made changes to the program to help ensure that your generosity helps eligible survivors of catastrophes get help immediately after the disaster, when they need it most. They no longer have to wait for federal relief agencies and insurance companies to adjudicate claims before they are able to receive PERF assistance that helps them procure a new residence or purchase new clothes and other necessities. A small bi-weekly donation made through the CFC truly makes a difference.

Promotional Material Available

View PERF's new video: Mission in Motion - Helping Postal Families in Need

New PERF brochures, posters and DVDs are available to APWU locals and state organizations to distribute during their district’s Combined Federal Campaign. These items can be obtained in limited quantities at no charge (while supplies last) through the APWU Human Relations Department (202-842-4270) or by contacting PERF. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

To learn more about the CFC, visit To donate to PERF directly or to obtain an application and information to seek assistance, visit

Your commitment to help our displaced postal brothers and sisters weather their crisis is greatly appreciated. I hope each of you will pledge to participate in making a difference.

Postal Employees Relief Fund in Action Tornado, Wildfire Victims Say ‘Thanks’

Postal Employees Relief Fund (PERF) grants were advanced to 12 APWU members in June, including 10 who suffered devastating losses in the Moore OK tornado and two whose homes were destroyed by Colorado wildfires. The APWU also donated used laptops to several families. Excerpts of letters from several recipients follow:

When the tornado hit, Ryan and his sister, Zylee, were buried in debris at their school. Zylee was rescued by a policeman. Ryan dug himself out and immediately began digging out others. He later declared to his grandmother that he helped save lives, so the APWU sent him a certificate for bravery and a $50 check.

Thank you so much for the generous check. It has really helped in replacing some of the items I lost in the tornado. The laptop was a real treasure. I was so missing having a computer.

– Glenda, Oklahoma City Area Local

Thank you very much for your very generous gift to our family… Our house was recently torn down and we will use 
the money to help pay for the concrete slab removal, since our slab was cracked and compromised… We look forward to a brighter future.

– Paula & Larry, Oklahoma City Area      Local

Thank you for the certificate and the money.

– Ryan, Age 10, Grandson of Paula & Larry

Thank you for reaching out in our time of need… The laptop will help us in detailing our loss to the insurance company. The check is overwhelming. God bless you all.

– Dan and Allie, Colorado Springs Area Local

 Thank you guys so much for the check. This has been a crazy thing to deal with. The check came at a time when it was much needed and very unexpected. What a wonderful union to be a part of.

– Felecia, Oklahoma City Area Local

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