House Majority Supports H.R. 2382

August 19, 2019

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On August 16, the USPS Fairness Act (H.R. 2382) achieved a bipartisan majority of cosponsors.

This critical milestone is the direct result of a successful, day of action held on July 23 and our ongoing work with the AFL-CIO, and our sister postal unions.

This legislation, if signed into law, would repeal the mandate that requires the Postal Service to prefund its retiree healthcare benefits 75 years in advance. The prefunding mandate is responsible for 100% of the Postal Service’s net losses since 2013, has harmed the Postal Service’s operations, and negatively affects postal employees and the public they serve. Eliminating the mandate would allow the Postal Service to revert to the pay-as-you-go method for retiree benefits and focus on innovation and investing. 

“APWU members showed once again what we can accomplish when we work together to send a message to Congress,” said President Mark Dimondstein. “By making calls to every single Representative, we showed that our fight is of national importance and we will be heard.” 

“Let’s keep up the momentum and make sure this fight is taking place in every zip code across the country,” said Legislative & Political Director Judy Beard. “We can gain even more cosponsors and show Congress this is critical legislation that should be brought to the House floor for an affirmative vote.” 

Keep the pressure on over the summer recess! Schedule in-district meetings and/or attend town halls to stress the importance of your Representative supporting H.R. 2382. Thank them if they already have. 

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