How to Participate in Workers Memorial Day

April 26, 2019

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Each year on Workers Memorial Day (April 28), working people throughout the world remember those who were hurt or killed on the job, and recommit to the struggle for a safe workplace.

Virtually every safety and health protection on the books today exists because union workers fought together to win them, the most notable being the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

On April 28, 1971, the Occupational Safety and Health Act became effective and the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was formed. Since the law was passed, significantly fewer workers have been killed on the job each year; however, there is still a long way to go. Right now, the federal government is reversing safety regulations and slashing resources for safety enforcement.

The Post Office is a dangerous place to work. In Fiscal Year 2018, 23 USPS employees died on the job – an increase from 12 postal employee deaths in 2017 – and 42,749 injury claims were approved, an increase from 42,594 in 2017.

This Workers Memorial Day, we call for an end to the unnecessary injuries and deaths of our brothers and sisters. We push for action by – and increased protections for – all workers. Report safety hazards in the workplace and let’s hold management accountable to fix them.

Things You Can Do on Workers Memorial Day:

Wear a sticker! (Contact your local leadership for more information)
Be alert for safety issues – not only on Workers Memorial Day but every day – and submit a PS Form 1767 Report of Hazard or Unsafe Working Condition Form when you see something. Speak up and stay on it until the hazard is abated.
“Red tag” broken and damaged equipment, and ensure that Form 1767s and Red Tags are available in your work areas.
Hold a moment of silence with your coworkers when you all clock-in to honor all those injured or who have lost their lives at work.
Join a local union safety committee.

The APWU National encourages you to speak with your local union officers about becoming involved in the union’s safety campaign. The life or limb you save may be your own!

Together, let’s Stand Up for Safe Jobs!

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