Interest Arbitration: APWU Experts and Clerk Craft Present Evidence

October 23, 2019

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On the third and final day of this week’s interest arbitration session, the APWU gave evidence including a detailed job analysis of the different positions in the APWU bargaining unit and a presentation about how APWU wages compare to other skilled union laborers.

In the afternoon, Clerk Craft Assistant Director (B) Lynn Pallas-Barber presented evidence showing why there must be contract language improvements specifically for Part-Time Flexibles (PTFs) and for Postal Support Employees (PSEs).

She testified about the need for work-hour guarantees for PTFs. “We think guaranteeing PTFs a minimum number of hours is both fair and consistent with both postal operations and private-sector standards,” Pallas-Barber said.

Her testimony included the need for advance notices of work schedules and start times. Pallas-Barber also showed the need for clearer, faster conversions, and how too high a percentage of clerks are currently working as PSEs.

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