Joining the APWU Just Got Easier

Anna Smith

November 21, 2019

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(This article first appeared in the November/December 2019 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine) 

Organizing is a daily responsibility that should be shared by everyone. These days it seems as if most everyone has a mobile device of some sort. Now with the new online join tool every one of us can be an organizer! Sign up a non-member in minutes!

I am excited to announce that we are now able to accept membership applications (1187s) online from current APWU Bargaining Unit employees! The “Join APWU” option on the home page of our website will allow a nonmember to complete the entire process from their phone or computer.

The response has been great in just the last few short weeks since launching the tool. New members have been signing up and making the decision to stand with us. After speaking with them, I found out that they felt the process of joining online was very simple.

During the application process, there is also the opportunity for new members to express their desire to play an active role in the APWU by selecting various areas of interest or expertise. This information is then forwarded to their local or state presidents. Also displayed will be their bi-weekly dues amount.

Once the electronic 1187 is submitted, a confirmation email containing the completed 1187 will be emailed to both the new member and the Organization Department. In addition, the Department will be mailing their local or state organization a copy of the 1187.

Form 1187s received through the online procedure will automatically be entered into our system, thereby expediting their processing time.

In some instances, new hires, and those transferring from other unions may not be able to use the online process until the Postal Service has notified APWU Headquarters that the employee is officially on the rolls in our bargain- ing unit. We are continuing to work on making the online option available in these circumstances as well as an avenue for APWU-represented private-sector employees.

In the meantime, these employees can still utilize the hard copy or online PDF version, and return it by mail, email, or fax.

A guide to the “join online” procedure is available here for review/download to aide you in assisting others.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. As always, I value your feedback.

Organizing in 2020

Let organizing start with you and others will follow. As we kick off a new year, challenge yourself to be that person who takes a stance to organize. Even if you’re the first, others will follow. Don’t let the fight for the right to organize be for nothing. Remember you are the union!

Work with your local leaders to set the goals to be stronger tomorrow that we are today. As we come to the end of the year, and local and state leaders begin their budget planning for 2020, it is past time to make organizing a priority. Having a budget, and a plan to organize will make all the difference. Remember we are the union and it is only as strong as we make it.

Thank you

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your support and vote in the 2019 APWU National Election of Officers. It has been, and will continue to be, a privilege to serve the membership. By working together, we have made some great strides in organizing, and I look forward to working with all of our local, state, and national leaders to keep the momentum going.

We have a lot of hard work ahead, but I have faith we can work through any obstacle that we face by standing together, united!

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